About Onsra Designer Bracelets

Onsra Designs

I created Onsra Designs because I wanted to be creative. I have always liked doing craft things around the house like making Christmas wreaths or painting pumpkins for the Fall, but I wanted to do more. It took me a long time to find something that I could be passionate about.  I was inspired by Leather Wrap Bracelets because I love fashion and jewelry and I think a piece of jewelry can change any outfit and make it unique and exciting.  So Onsra Designs was born. I hope you love my leather wrap bracelets as much as I love creating them.


What Onsra Means

The emotion of Love is personal, each experience unique.. never to be experienced in quite the same way again. Can you ever love two things or people in the same way?

Essentially, all love is Onsra.
Everything we love, we love for the last time.

Every bracelet made is an ‘onsra’ for somebody, each uniquely handmade from only quality materials and semi precious stones. In a part of the world experiencing a few hours of its own story. Cherish your own Onsra bracelet and the memories collected as you wear it through life.


Onsra Designs Legal

Onsra Designs was created in March 2013.

Onsra Designs is a registered business in my home town of Twin Falls, Idaho.