About Jessi – Owner & Designer

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A bit about me:

I was born in 1984 and I’m originally from Idaho. I grew up mostly in the Twin Falls area where I graduated from Twin Falls, High School. My life really took a change when my dad invited me on a fishing trip to Belize. I don’t fish but who doesn’t want to spend 10 days on a tropical beach reading books and drinking pink vodka tonics. (I didn’t know this before I went to Belize but tonic water turns pink in the sun)

I spent my days hanging out in this cool little coffee shop on stilts owned by a Canadian Scotsman. Two days before I was supposed to leave a very nice looking gentleman walked up the stairs and said “nice dress”. I said thank you and he walked inside to have a chat with the coffee shop owner and some of the other patrons inside. I didn’t think anything of it until the only employee of the coffee shop came out and sat next to me and asked why I wasn’t inside joining in on the conversation and I didn’t have a good excuse as to why I was sitting outside by myself, so I plucked up a bit of courage and went inside and sat down next to the “nice dress” guy. We all had a nice chat and during the course of the conversation I found out that “nice dress” guy had a name and it was Martin.

He asked me if I had been to the Italian Gelato place and I said no so we decided to go and get some gelato. Gelato turned into dinner which then led to talking on the dock with our toes in the water until 3:30 in the morning. We hung out the next day and Martin met my dad and I decided to not fly home. I stayed an extra 4 weeks before I finally flew home.

Martin came to Idaho to meet the family and then a few months after that I moved to England, which I never thought I would ever live in England.  I am now in South Carolina while Martin builds his new business. My life is completely different from what I though it would be growing up but I couldn’t be happier.