Mother’s Day Gifts


Well it has been a few weird days here in South Carolina. Where I live we had a good layer of ice and then some lovely snow on top. It was a nice change (for a few hours) for me because I am from Idaho and I was beginning to miss having snow, but this storm as effectively cured me of that. I forgot how stir crazy you get when you have to be stuck in the house :).

With everything closed and our internet being down due to the storm, I had a lot of time to sit and think of new designs for spring and for Mother’s Day. I am going to do a custom Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Color Collection.

You will be able to design a Leather Wrap Bracelet for your Mother, Sister, Aunt or yourself. I am going to make two bracelets, one for my sister using her girls’s birthstones which are Pearl for June and Alexandrite for December. The other one will be for my mom and it’s going to be my birthstone Opal Swarovski Crystal and Topaz Swarovski Crystal for my sister. In making the bracelets not only will my mom and sister get custom Leather Wrap Bracelets but it will also show people what the designs can look like before they order and what different Birthstone Colors will look like in one Bracelet. I hope they don’t read this blog and find out what I am getting them. :)

The Mother’s Day Designs will launch by the end of the month giving everyone plenty of time to design their Leather Wrap Bracelets. In the meantime if you have any questions or suggestions let me know.

Have a great day